Arkademy Blogging Conference

14—16th April 2021

on your couch · 4 talks · Q&As · free of charge · for developers from developers

Is it for me?

If you're a programmer/company who wants to have a programming blog, then this is for you.


The dates/times of the talks may change - subscribe below to get updated info.

April 14th, Wednesday, 7pm CEST

Andrzej Krzywda

I don't have time for blogging - 5 verified strategies for you and your company on how to blog and not get bankrupt on time and money

April 15th, Thursday, 5pm CEST

Tomasz Wróbel

I wrote 10 popular blogposts in 2021 while being just a 0.5x developer, here's how

April 16th, Friday, 5pm CEST

Paweł Pacana

The technical and non-technical challenges of running a company blog

April 16th, Friday, 7pm CEST

Mirabella Burek

Your English is awesome - use it for blogging

By whom?

The conference is hosted by Arkency (Ruby on Rails seniors-only team with over 350 blogposts), Arkademy (dev community focused on writing code in a way that you can maintain it 2 years after writing it), in collaboration with LingoCV (English lessons for programmers).

Participation is free of charge. Each training is 50 mins of meaty content, followed by a short pitch and a Q&A session. Submit your email, and you'll receive links to the live presentations. See you there!

We're good at programming and blogging but less good at configuring Mailchimp segments - you will be subscribed to the Arkency programming newsletter (with ~6000 other devs). If that's something which you won't like - feel free to unsub after the conference is over. It's worth staying subscribed during the conf to get reminders about last minute changes.